Integrating Video Marketing into Digital Strategy

Currently, digital videos are one of the fastest growing segments of the market. Users are spending much more time watching videos online than ever before.

There are a variety of platforms to share video content apart from YouTube. Even established platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have introduced video-based content.


Videos provide a better way to engage, educate and inform the potential customers about the products and services of a company. They are way more effective than advertising or the full-text web pages.

A Digital marketing company in Delhi can offer video marketing in any of the following forms including:

•    Customer reviews and testimonials

•    Demonstration and tutorial videos

•    Video newsletters and blogs

•    Event videos

•    Personal greetings and sales pitches

•    Customer service

•    30 seconds to 2 minutes advertisements

Mobile Transition

Most of the millennial today, watch videos only on their mobile devices. Companies must gear themselves up and create exciting visuals meant for mobiles specifically.

Video experts can be hired in-house, or an outside digital marketing company in Delhi that produces video content can be chosen for the task.

Video content is different from the textual content in every way. Brands will have to be very careful and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in the mobile segment.

Increase Customer Interaction

Video technology has tremendous customer interaction capabilities. Digital videos can be used to increase interaction with the customers like embedded links. That takes a customer to a products page from the video. Personalised videos can be made that caters to a specific segment or their location-specific demands.

The digital video market in future will see even more dynamic functions including options that give customers the power to select the videos of their choice.


Generating high-quality visual content that truly resonates with people and promoting it consistently, will surely establish a global reputation and awareness of your brand. Choose the services of the digital marketing agency in Delhi and give a boost to your business.