Is Your HR Strategy Giving Your Technology The Best Chance Of Success?


Is Your HR Strategy Giving Your Technology The Best Chance Of Success?



Investment in Recruitment Technology like our own Fusion suite here at Webrecruit may well account for a lot of your hiring budget this year, so you will naturally want to do everything possible to extract the maximum value from it.



But is your HR strategy enabling you to do this, or might it be having a detrimental effect?



Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions Of Your Technology



There aren’t too many technologies out there – recruitment-related or otherwise – that will effortlessly slot into your organisation’s existing culture and competencies. Instead, some kind of adaptation will have to take place, even if it’s just a case of everyone adjusting their habitual working practices around the new system.



Of course, there may be bigger obstacles than this – if it hasn’t been adequately explained how your new recruitment technology fits in with your wider HR strategy and your staff haven’t embraced its benefits accordingly, they may simply refuse to use it.



Remember that technology doesn’t exist for its own sake – it’s there to serve a purpose, so your HR strategy and personnel need to believe in and work for this purpose. While suppliers say a lot about what their recruitment technology can do, it’s ultimately your company’s responsibility to set out to your team what it will do once they are using it.



HR Is As Digital As Anything Else



Some of your HR staff who aren’t used to working with recruitment technology might be of the opinion that effective HR has little to do with the ‘bits and bytes’ of digital.



However, despite what is widely thought, digital is not just about ‘bits and bytes’. In fact, it’s all about the creation of positive relationships and human connections, which are also central priorities of HR.



The difference between these age-old principles and modern recruitment technology is that the latter enables the former to be served at a scale and with an efficiency that would have once been thought impossible.



Talk To Us About How Fusion Could Help Your Firm



Our team here at Webrecruit is available to discuss with you the role that Fusion can play in enabling you to streamline your hiring, better manage your applications and more effectively report on your recruitment, in ways that also make sense for your wider HR strategy.



So why hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about this proven solution?