Microblading Academy

Are you looking for a career that combines your artistic nature and a desire to work in the beauty industry?  If you fit that description you should consider Microblading.  With cutting edge techniques and widespread praise throughout the beauty industry, microblading is fast becoming one of the most sought out beauty professions.  Not only is microblading cutting edge it can also be a very lucrative profession.  Here at Microblading Academy, we offer you the very premium in Microblading training.



At Microblading Academy we teach you the most advanced techniques to become a highly successful microblade professional.  Our trainers will teach you how to use the Dual Blade Method to achieve the thinnest, most realistic results possible.  We will teach you how to help women achieve self-esteem and confidence through creating gorgeous natural looking eyebrows.  Our trainers are the best in the world.



MIcroblading is light years beyond other methods of eyebrow enhancement. Methods such as tattooing which uses a machine can be problematic leaving eyebrows looking unnatural and can be painful.  Eyebrow extensions are high maintenance and can be time-consuming.  Microblading is semi-permanent and is done manually using an incredibly fine and thin row of needles.  It is a totally safe method with no discomfort.  A single application usually takes a few hours to perform and generally lasts anywhere from 12 – 24 months depending on the pigmentation.



The look of microblading is much more refined than other methods.  Eyebrows created from microblading follow the natural direction of the hair.  You cannot distinguish the difference between your real hair and the microblading.  This method of eyebrow enhancement leaves you with the most natural, beautiful, and shapely eyebrows possible.


Why Microblading Academy?

·         Let’s you use your creative talent in the beauty industry.

·         Teaches you the most cutting edge techniques.

·         You help women achieve confidence.

·         You learn a very lucrative trade.

·         We are the best, the gold standard in microblading training.



So if this sounds like something you would love to do, come try our Microblading Classes Courses out at Microblading Academy.  It is the gold standard in microblading training.  We can help you develop a satisfying and very rewarding career in the beauty industry.  Join us, you won’t regret it.




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