Microblading Supplies and Their Uses

The massive technological and medical advancements that we have been through in recent years generated a hungry market for permanent makeup and facial adjustments. The sudden boom in the makeup industry left a gap between supply and demanded, creating thousands of job opportunities in the process. Microblading is not an exception. We, at World Microblading Academy, gathered a plethora of world experts in the technique to teach you the latest ways and finest methods in the industry.

In this article, we aim to take a closer look at , Microblading Supplies and their uses. Like any other makeup technique, microblading requires a myriad of tools, supplies, and experienced hands that use them. Some of the tools are advanced, other require minimal training.

·         Microblading Holder

The purpose of microblading is to put additional hair into the eyebrows to redefine its dimension and shape into something more symmetrical. A classic microblading holder is a meticulous tool that requires meticulousness and professional training. It is one of essential tools in the process and it achieves its purpose in the most natural way possible.

·         Manual Microblading Pen

As we established earlier, , Microblading Supplies range from beginner to advanced in terms of use and experience of the makeup artist. Eyebrow embroidery is a relatively new method, even for experts, and the use of beginner-level tools like the Manual Pen makes the job much easier. The pen deposits pigments into the epidermis and paints fine and crisp strokes around the eyebrows to limit any spilling under the skin.

·         Pigments

Simply put, and obviously, microblading cannot be done without pigments. The microblading pigments usually come in form of small bottles of colored liquid that varies in color. Pigments are used to create the impression of thicker eyebrows. They can be found online and offline in all sorts of colors. Prices vary as well. The cheapest can be found at around $60 and the most expensive can go up to $600-700.

Challenges Facing Beginners

If you’re taking up microblading for the first time, you should expect to face a heap of challenges and this is exactly why we advised you to resort to the help of professionals at the beginning of the article. Problems and challenges that you may run across can vary in difficulty and range. Some of them are:

·         Choosing the Right , Microblading Supplies.

·         Client Dissatisfaction.

·         Allergic Reactions.

·         Removal Problems.

·         Possible Infection.

·         MRI Complications.

Microblading may seem an easy task from an outsider’s point of view but in reality, it really isn’t. Starting with choosing your basic tools, you will be faced with a massive number of variations that you have to pick from, and ultimately you will come to the realization that the help of a professional is indispensable. Also, if you are inexperienced, a large number of unexpected issues can arise, some of them are mentioned above. Getting trained by professionals prepares you to avoid these problems and effectively fix them as quickly as possible when they happen.