Microblading Tools and Their Uses

Microblading is a fairly new technique that can be seen as a derivative of tattooing. Simply put, it is an advanced level of eyebrow embroidery. Like any permanent makeup technique, it needs a large set of tools and supplies to be done properly.

Akin to tattooing, microblading is a complicated process that shouldn’t be attempted without professional training. Nonetheless, if trained properly, it could be easy enough to be carried out by any qualified person, given the right Microblading Tools are available.

The tools used in microblading can be split into two groups: blades/needles and pigments.

Blades and Needles

The perfect blades and needles should be sharp and easy to use. Picking the right tools as a beginner can be a burden, this is why it is advisable to consult your teacher/local expert. Most courses/classes on microblading and eyebrow embroidery include a segment that helps you pick the most suitable blades and needles in the market. Before using any blade, you should always make sure it is sterilized, extra-sharp, super-safe, and does not cause any skin damage. Given time and experience, you will be able to recognize a handful of brands that you can trust to work with.

Choosing among the plethora of blades and needles available in the market should be done according to requirements. What we mentioned in the earlier segment are the very basis for your pickings, for more advanced criteria you will need to either consult your teacher or rely on your instincts once you have grown enough experience. Some needles are better if you need emphasis on curves, others are ideal for fine tuning. A full curriculum of criteria should be dedicated to this topic in your course/class.


Aside from the regular Microblading Tools mentioned above, nothing can be done in microblading without pigments. Pigments are permanent coloring liquids used to give an impression of thick eyebrows. Pigments are used by blades and needles to create the fine strokes circulating and deepening already existed or embroidered eyebrows. The bottles come in many colors and sizes. Mainly varying from small to large, and white to black. They come in a number of price ranges too.


Apart of blades, needles, and pigments, a set of Microblading Tools is not complete without some essential, before and after, accessories. These accessories may include aprons, barrier cream, care serum, disposable sticky rulers, face masks, drawing pencils, pencil sharpening tools, and barrier film roll. The number of accessories varies according to requirements and these vary based on the task at hand. Like needles and pigments, before-and-after accessories should be an integral part of any microblading curriculum as well, given that you are studying at a reputable academy.



Skill is a determining factor in any job but skills can be grown. If you are serious about taking micrboblading as a profession, studying at a professional academy is not something that you should think twice about. You can buy all the tools in the world but without the required knowledge, combining them together will never make you a successful professional.

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