New Career Path for Women in Eyebrows Microblading

Do you want to give people the faces they’ve always dreamed of while making your own dreams come true? Eyebrows microblading technicians typically can work on the eyebrows of two clients a day. Imagine if you only worked on two clients as a hairstylist or a nail technician! If you have 48 clients who want the procedure each month, you will have achieved only the average success of a microblading artist!

Microblading sessions usually last two hours; Since the procedure lasts for one to three years—much longer than the average hair coloring treatments that can run between $150 to 500 for a few months—an eyebrows treatment costs $800. As a technician, that is $400 in income for each hour of the two hour session.

The premium nature of this treatment allows you to avoid the problem that most salons have. In many hair and nail salons, there is downtime. Not every stylist is completely booked for all of the time slots that she has available. With Eyebrows microblading, a technician only has to have two clients per day. This makes marketing the service more manageable, and it helps the technician attract a clientele with a clear strategy. You don’t need to try to recommend additional services to someone in your salon for a haircut or a color treatment. The microblading client is there for that particular service, and you can focus on giving your client as personal, pampered, and individualized an experience in those two hours as possible.

At the same time, however, you can book a microblading session in conjunction with other spa services that you are trained to provide. Imagine if you could have a microblading session in the morning and a massage in the afternoon. Or you could book a facial in the morning and a microblading session. In addition to being a standalone service, microblading is a great premium option for customers seeking to get perfect brows that last for years.

With microblading, you’re not giving the client a service that will be anything but the best thing they can do to enhance their personal and natural beauty. It’s not like a medical procedure like other treatments salons offer. This isn’t botox. This isn’t laser hair removal. This is a service that will be as in demand as any high end salon treatment. A very precise blade places color directly into the top layers of skin. It gives the look of a fuller brow, which gives the client a younger, healthier look.

Microblading is a natural extension of the services offered by makeup artists and other aesthetic professionals. It is a high value enhancement of the eyebrows of your client. Instead of paying $100 for eyebrows for a night, the client spends $800 on eyebrows that she can enjoy every day with no fuss for one year, two years, or even three years.

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