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An entrepreneur must have to Understand the basics of trademarks as it is an important point in the brand building. At the end of this note, you will be able to know the following points and aspects of the trademark. What is a Trademark, its types and function, importance, who can register a trademark and how to get online trademark registration done in India? I hope at the end of this keynote you will have a deeper understanding of trademarks and you can make required decision to protect your business and your brand.

First, let’s know all the W&H of Online Trademark Registration in India.


What is a Trademark?

A Trademark generally refers to a “brand” or “logo”. it is a recognizable sign, word, design or an expression which is used to identify the goods or services of a seller from those of others.

Trademark registration can also be obtained for a business name, distinctive catchphrases, taglines or captions.
Properly used and promoted, a Trademark may become the most valuable asset of a business. Trademarks such as Pepsi, Amazon, Reliance, Airtel, Lenovo, P&G, Patanjali etc.

It is also essential to obtain trademark registration for the business name/trade name under the Trademarks Act. Registration of a company or business name under the Companies Act does not in itself give protection against others who might commence using identical or similar marks.

Types of Trademarks

A trademark can be of following types depending on its usability:-

·         Product Mark

·         Service Mark

·         Sound Mark

·         Certificate Mark

·         Collective Mark

·         Shape Mark

·         Pattern Mark

·         Sound Mark

Types of Trademarks Symbols


Trademark are of three types namely Trademark, Service Mark and Registered Mark. The respective symbols are TM, SM, and ®.