Overview Of Avanu Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall (or WAF) separates, observe, and stop  HTTP traffic to coming  from  a web application. A web application firewall is different one from a regular firewall.It able to separate the content of specific web applications while other regular firewalls serve as  a  safety gates to servers. Application firewalls  which manage and controls input, output, and access from various applications or services.

A web application firewall is a special type of application firewall that specially  useful for  web applications. It is install in front of web applications and monitors web-based (HTTP) traffic – detecting and blocking anything that harmful to system.WAFs are especially benificial to companies that provide products or services over the Internet.some types of web application firewall are  Network-based WAFs,Host-based WAFs,Cloud-hosted WAFs.Network-based WAFs are mostly hardware-based and can minimize downtime because they are deployed locally.Host-based Firewall may be fully combine into the application code itself. The advantage of application-based WAF implementation include low cost .

Web Application Firewall is always used with combination of Server Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer (LB) and Network Load Balancing Solutions . Application Firewall attacks against web applications.A lot of research has taken place in web application security .Most WAF dealer only deliver  black and white listing functions.There are  two security models used in WAF’s . A negative security model, which merge a ‘blacklist’ of attacks patterns as its ruleset, and a positive security model, whose ruleset is referred  as a ‘whitelist’. While a blacklist allows all requests except those matched by its patterns, awhitelist will not allow all request .they allow only those request  which are defined in its ruleset.

Features of  Web Application Firewall :

Validate inputs, thereby stopping dangerous SQL injection, cross-site scripting and directory traversal attacks .

Detect cookie, session or parameter tampering attacks..

Block attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in custom web properties. .


Credit Card and Social Security Number (SSN) masking.

Black Listing/White Listing check.

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