Pair Your Applicant Tracking System With Recruitment Marketing For The Best Results

Pair Your Applicant Tracking System With Recruitment Marketing For The Best Results

Merely tracking candidates isn’t the only important thing if you want to fill your vacancies – so is attracting them to your company in the first place.

This is a priority that many Recruitment Software providers have borne closely in mind in designing their solutions.

That’s also why, when you’re seeking an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you should clarify whether the given software really does just track candidates… or actually does so much more, as is the case with our own acclaimed Fusion package here at Webrecruit.


Don’t Accept A Standard ATS For Your Own Firm

You might have been led to believe that an applicant tracking system is the answer to all of your company’s recruitment challenges. However, this won’t be the case if your chosen ATS only caters to the basics.

Opt for an ATS, though, that incorporates both applicant tracking and recruitment marketing, and you can ultimately save both time and money when hiring.


Why Is The Marketing Element So Important, Anyway? 

It’s important to recognise that candidates have a lot of options before them these days, and that it may therefore be far from easy to attract quality applicants for your vacancies in the first place.

This is leading many companies to think of candidates as consumers, and market their opportunities to these people accordingly.

Did you know, for instance, that according to recent statistics from LinkedIn, about two-thirds of people who changed jobs recently were aware of the company’s existence before they learned about the job opportunity?

This makes it all the more crucial for brands to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with candidates that then makes them more likely to consider a role with the business.

Recruitment marketing, then, can play a key role in enabling you to showcase your employer brand to prospective candidates, before the ATS comes into play to build your talent pools and streamline your candidate selection.


Talk To Us About Our Software That Covers All Of The Bases

Our own, cost-effective and scalable applicant tracking system gives your organisation everything that it needs to not only track candidates, but also use the right Recruitment Advertising Sources and fine-tune its strategy to get the best results out of its hiring campaigns.

For a solution that will make a real difference to your ability to attract candidates as well as pick the right ones for your open positions, ask the Webrecruit team today about Fusion.