Put Up The Bunting – The ToolPost Is Celebrating Its 20th Birthday!


Yes, that’s right – The ToolPost is celebrating an entire two decades of continuous online trading as of this year, and it has been quite the journey for this now very popular and generously stoked Woodworking equipment and materials store.



Much has changed about the UK and the world in 20 years, and much has changed about The ToolPost, although of course, certain things have remained very much the same. Although 1997 wasn’t the year of our very first transaction – we aren’t quite sure when that was – it was when our business truly got going, originally as an online-only business.



Did We Just Say ‘Online-Only’?



While many businesses may trade exclusively via the Internet these days, this was almost unheard-of back in late 1997, when the commercial World Wide Web (WWW) was still in its embryonic phase. That The ToolPost was so unusual in starting out as an online-only business can be rather explained by the background of our proprietor, Peter Hemsley, in software development.



Peter’s early online nous and passion for woodturning had already served him well in his development and hosting of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB)’s first online presence, while he also built and operated a very early gallery site by the name of Coeur du Bois.



However, with the Internet having very little penetration in the UK at the time The ToolPost was founded, it initially focused its operations on the international market, attracting a large number of requests from the USA in its initial orders. Only over time did the UK market finally catch up, to the point where today, it justifiably dominates the order book – all while we continue to attract customers from across the globe.



Celebrations At Our Didcot Showroom And Shop



About 12 years ago, The ToolPost moved to its current trading site in Didcot, Oxfordshire, from which it operates retail, showroom, meeting and workshop areas that continue to make it one of the leading names in British woodturning. It is here where the company’s Open House takes place every June and November, with the next event – on 4th and 5th November 2017 – set to feature such guests as Henri Kuntz from France, Willy Vanhoutte of Wivamac fame and the UK’s Gerry Marlow.



But we’re going further than that to celebrate our 20th trading year milestone, also holding a prize draw that is automatically entered – free of charge – by any customers spending more than £50 on goods, excluding VAT and shipping, between 1st July and 31st October 2017.



With the prizes on offer including tools and equipment, courses and even a subscription to your favourite woodturning magazine, it’s not just a moment of celebration for The ToolPost itself – it could also be for you, as one of the many valued customers of our acclaimed woodturning store.


Blow out the candles – this particular 20th birthday party is going to be a good one – for all of us!


The ToolPost