Remember That Great Candidates Will Ask Great Questions


Remember That Great Candidates Will Ask Great Questions



So, with the help of the right In-House Recruitment Software and no shortage of your own HR team’s in-house experience and know-how, you’ve whittled down your pool of candidates to a shortlist of people to invite to interview.



But do you yet have a sense of how to determine the best candidates from that interview? If not, it’s worth making a note of the questions asked by the candidate, as these can be firm indicators of their suitability for your vacancy.



Think about it. If a candidate has the vision, insight and wisdom that you need them to have, they will probably be able to come up with some great questions about the role.



How Does One Define A ‘great’ Question?



That’s a great question (did you see what we did there?). Much obviously depends on the exact role for which you are advertising, but it’s worth keeping the following guidelines in mind.



First of all, are the questions being asked by the candidate related to the work itself? The candidate simply asking you about salary and benefits is not a great sign. That’s not to suggest that such matters aren’t important, but you will want to at least get a sense from the candidate that they are excited about the actual work.



You should also be left with the impression that the candidate has done their research, rather than their questions having already been answered by the job description or your company website. This should become clear to you pretty quickly from the questions the candidate asks.



The type of questions asked also matters, and this naturally depends on the exact role. If you’re advertising for a more strategy-based, leadership position, for instance, you will want your candidate to think in those terms. Similarly, if the vacancy is for a support role where it is the everyday details and execution for which the candidate will have responsibility, this should be reflected in the questions asked by the candidate.



If nothing else, the questions that the candidate asks should certainly make you think. If their questions require you to stop and ponder the answer, this is itself an indicator that you are on the right track.



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