SEO: A Field Of Continuous Change


Search engine optimisation has long been valued by online business owners and marketers for a broad range of reasons. It’s great for delivering high search engine rankings, which in turn enable firms to better connect to potential customers and boost growth and sales.



So, don’t expect much decline in demand for Online SEO Services anytime soon.



Despite all of this, we’re hearing so many whispers from certain quarters that SEO is losing its power and may soon be a thing of the past. Are they right and if so, how?



The world of SEO has always been about change



It’s a fair bet that SEO will see big changes in the months and years ahead, for the simple reason that it has always been a field of continuous change.



Indeed, Google has signalled that it intends to give humans a central role in its future page-ranking algorithms. This will be made possible with something called deep learning, which is a specific method of machine learning that uses a mathematical model to imitate the functioning of the neurons in the human brain.



Deep learning uses artificial intelligence (AI) based on human habits and language, and was first implemented by Google to train AI to recognise speech patterns and images. It will impact on the likes of vehicles and maps, not just Online SEO Services.



What will be the implications of deep learning for SEO?



The emergence of deep learning will help to push SEO into a firmly post-algorithmic world. That has certain implications for marketers, not least the factors driving rankings no longer being known to the public. Results will be displayed on the basis of the user’s personal search history instead of overall popularity.



Most importantly of all, it will no longer be possible for marketers to optimise pages and manipulate search results in the way they once could. However, this won’t sound the death knell for SEO.



The truth is that Online SEO Services will almost certainly always exist in some shape or form. The emphasis, however, is likely to be different, being placed more prominently on such approaches as strong content marketing, paid advertising and the use of social media to drive traffic.



It will also likely become more important to ensure that your brand’s content can reach the widest possible audience, through such approaches as working with online influencers and creating content that can be easily shared by your followers.



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Don’t be too alarmed by predictions of the sky falling in when it comes to SEO. Online SEO services aren’t going away, and the importance of the right ones – accounting for the latest developments and trends in the field – will likely only increase.



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