So, Where Did Drypro Cast Covers Actually Come From?

Here at DryPro, we realise that a waterproof cast cover is unlikely to be a purchase that you make on a regular basis – or at least, we certainly hope that doesn’t need to be the case!

The probability is that you have arrived on this site as someone with an urgent need for a waterproof cover, whether for yourself or a loved one, so you may have a lot of questions as to what it is that makes Drypro Cast Covers different.

15 years of quality and innovation

First of all, we are certainly not a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ provider of waterproof cast covers, of the kind that can be found right across the Internet these days with a simple Google. We are, in fact, one of the pioneers in our industry, having been manufacturing and distributing the product for the last 15 years.

Actually, that isn’t completely true. You are instead on the website of the Irish and UK distributors of the renowned DryPro cast covers, which were first, and continue to be made by the highly respected Dry Corp company in the United States.

When the DryPro cast cover was first introduced to the US market, it was one of the first waterproof cast and bandage protectors to ever be offered. Today, it remains the market-leading product, in no small part thanks to the patented vacuum seal that our rivals have tried to imitate down the years, but have never bettered.

Serving the needs of customers throughout the UK and Ireland

Of course, the whole principle of a waterproof cast cover – a convenient and comfortable solution for those wishing to continue swimming, bathing and cleaning themselves while not having to worry about water reaching their vulnerable cast – was never of sole appeal to the US market.

This is why it was probably inevitable that DryPro cast covers would eventually cross the Atlantic, and it all began with the establishment of Irish distributors under the DryPro name in 2011. We went on to open a UK office, complete with a state-of-the-art  warehouse facility, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that we remain the exclusive UK and Irish distributors of these products.

Place your order today for any of our extensive selection of DryPro cast covers as detailed on our website, and you can look forward to rapid and secure delivery from our base in Lancing, West Sussex. What more reason could you require to make DryPro your one and only choice for such an essential purchase as a waterproof cast cover?

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