Sometimes Even Your Best People Need To Be Moved On


Yes, you read that right. Losing a great employee isn’t always a mortal blow – or even necessarily a blow at all. We aren’t just talking about those times when the worker may have got a better offer elsewhere. We’re also talking about you being proactive enough to drop even the best people on your payroll if it could benefit your company as a whole.



Yes, it does sound crazy – at first. But here are a few reasons why it could make perfect sense.



It Jolts Everyone Out Of Complacency



Even the most innovative and fastest-growing company can become uncompetitive if complacency is gradually allowed to creep in. That might turn out to be the case even if your workers are seemingly in continually challenging and stimulating jobs.



The fact is that sometimes, things can get a bit stale even for your best employees after years of working for the same boss, with the same team members, in the same office.



Plus, letting go of someone who may have once seemed irreplaceable can jolt your other workers out of any complacency of their own. All of a sudden, they might wonder how much at risk they are of being dropped themselves, which could be just the thing for boosting their performance.



It Makes Way For New Talent



Every company requires ‘fresh pairs of eyes’ from time to time. If your company has a low attrition rate from people leaving for pastures new of their own accord, it could help to let one or two great people go, so that you can bring in the fresh talent that could propel your firm to growth.



Oh, and there’s another thing: the departure of some of your most talented employees could even be good for them. Many people who leave an employer in such circumstances ‘bounce back’ by forming their own companies and becoming hugely successful leaders in their own right.



Could Losing A Great Employee Fuel Renewed Success For Your Firm?



The above aren’t the only good reasons why occasionally dropping a few of your best staff can be a useful part of your Managed Recruitment approach. However, it’s also vital not to do so in a way that causes a lot of disruption that then has adverse, rather than positive consequences for your business.



However, when you think things through, get your timing right and do it with the right intentions, you may be surprised by just how much of a positive impact such a change has on your team.



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