The Perfect Mix Of Luxurious And Affordable Living Offered By ISLAND’s Flats In Croydon

There’s a common misconception that London is highly inaccessible to people looking to buy property and live there, unless they are already absurdly wealthy. This simply isn’t the case. Affordable accommodation is available in the London area without compromising on quality of life.

The ISLAND development in Croydon is a case in point, holding an amazing selection of luxury apartments that let you enjoy everything London has to offer without spending a mint.

Here are some of the other incredible advantages of packing up and moving to this prestigious 20-storey tower in the heart of one of the capital’s most unsung neighbourhoods.

Unparalleled security and comfort

ISLAND’s apartments are designed to give you spectacular views and a comfortable atmosphere to make you feel right at home, with gorgeous modern design and the perfect amount of space for professional couples to thrive.

Plus, even on the lower floors, your new home is highly safe from potential break-ins and thieves. With CCTV, a concierge service and a code-locked gate, you can enjoy the peace of mind that a suburban house could never offer.

Access to all of London

The transport connections that London offers to its residents are so comprehensive that you can easily get from one borough to another while solely using public transport. The breadth of options available means that anyone can get to work – or one of the many shopping districts in London – via tram, train, bus or ‘Boris bike’.

From an ISLAND apartment, you have access to all of London, not just Croydon.

Secure your dream London home at ISLAND

On top of affordable living, a luxury home and security measures that will stop thieves in their tracks, a property at ISLAND could be a highly rewarding investment for the future.

Thanks to a collaboration between Westfield and Hammerson, £1 billion is being invested into creating Europe’s largest shopping mall in the area. This, as well as many other regeneration projects lined up for Croydon, is sure to help bring up the value of property in the locality in years to come.

Croydon is fast becoming a property hotspot, and all of our properties are available at affordable prices that allow you to get onto the property ladder within an increasingly sought-after London borough.

For more information about the remaining Flats In Croydon available as part of the ISLAND development, please feel free to contact us today.

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