There Are Plenty Of Wedding Venues In And Around Harlow, So Why Choose Manor Of Groves?

There Are Plenty Of Wedding Venues In And Around Harlow, So Why Choose Manor Of Groves?

 Those who have any familiarity with the town of Harlow on the border of Essex and Hertfordshire will know immediately why this locality is such a popular one in which to tie the knot. Although much of Harlow is a New Town built after World War II to ease overcrowding in London caused by the Blitz, one of its wards – Old Harlow – is a reminder of a settlement so long-established that it predates the Domesday Book of 1086.

 Today, the various listed buildings of Old Harlow continue to exude undeniable charm, and similar sentiments could be extended to the wider area. This part of England is, after all, also one of the greenest and most beautiful, which makes it unsurprising that there are so many fine country houses and other historic properties nearby that are only too happy to open their doors to loved-up couples looking to formalise their union.

 So, if you are one of the many people currently looking for great Wedding Venues In Harlow, what makes our own establishment – Manor of Groves – so special?

 Beauty And Atmosphere, But Also Practicality

One of the very first things that anyone expects from their chosen wedding venue is visual splendour – after all, this is to be the most special day of your life, which should surely be reflected by the backdrop on which it all happens.

Sure enough, Manor of Groves certainly ticks that particular box, our stunningly restored Georgian manor house and enchanting grounds being the equal of any other wedding venues in Harlow or the surrounding area. The jaws of both couples and guests remain very much open on sight of the inside of the property, with our Manor Suite, for example, boasting a gorgeous glass conservatory overlooking an Oriental Garden, while the Colonnade Suite is the epitome of Georgian elegance.

 However, while many wedding venues in Harlow may take your breath away without exactly doing much to make sure every aspect of your big day goes like clockwork, here at Manor of Groves, we have a team of wedding co-ordinators on hand who are determined to fulfil your every need.

It really does all add up to an incredible Wedding Venue for those who wish to exchange their vows in this most beautiful corner of our country – so why not enquire now about how you can book and make the dream happen?