To Succeed In Recruitment Today, You Need To Think Like A Marketer

To Succeed In Recruitment Today, You Need To Think Like A Marketer

There may have been a time when your HR department simply being good at locating talent and filling its talent pools to the brim was enough to ensure it always landed the best candidates.

But of course, things change, and the current environment is one in which candidates are often the ones in control.

That’s why it’s so vital for firms wishing to get their Staff Recruitment right to be capable marketers, not only cultivating a strong employer brand, but also presenting it to the most appropriate people.

If your own company is to recruit enough of the right staff this year, it needs to focus on building relationships with potential candidates, for which a powerful marketing strategy will be invaluable.


How Can You Build The Best Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

One of the biggest steps to devising the right marketing strategy for 21st-century staff recruitment is embracing the consumerisation of the candidate experience.

Consider the factors that will dictate the perception your target candidates have of your employer brand, and how they are likely to search for, find and engage with that brand.

You will also need to draw upon a range of core competencies in your team when putting together a recruitment marketing strategy. These include:


·         Brand building – how well does your firm establish and convey what your employer brand is all about? Do you show, not merely tell?


·         Digital marketing – making the most of the many ways to display your employer brand to your target audience


·         Content strategy – do you know how to craft and curate the most captivating content across your brand’s landing pages, job descriptions and more?


·         Social media – as can be crucial for sharing content, engaging candidates and communicating transparency


·         Demand generation and nurturing – as with every other kind of marketing, you’ll know that recruitment marketing is effective when it’s generating demand for your business as an employer, with candidates being converted at every stage


·         Data analysis, including the capture and interpretation of trustworthy data so that key trends can be identified, enabling you to improve your ability to secure top talent


Staff recruitment has never remained the same for too long. These days, you need to take a brand-led and data-driven approach to maximise your chances of attracting the right people for your workforce.

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