Understand Today’s Network Traffic Manager

Understand Today’s Network Traffic Manager


Network traffic manager deals with the process of controlling and monitoring the activities of network besides transforming the network into a managed resource by improving efficiency, performance, and required security. It also helps to maintain, administer, and operate the network systems, just like server load balancer.


Today’s Internet network is very distinct from that of early days’ of internet. As it is rising exponentially with ever-increasing online games, software applications, full length movies, and web pages, the need for an efficient network traffic manager is on the stage. Let’s see some of the figures and facts are:


  • According to a survey conducted by one agency over a sample of about 4 million broadband customers, HTTP traffic consumes 47% and P2P traffic consumes 35% of network bandwidth. YouTube alone consumes 22% of all HTTP traffic, or more than half of all HTTP streaming video.

  • In other report, one agency predicted that about 70% of all consumer IP traffic will be generated by commercial video services or IPTV in 2019. It also mentioned that high-definition video services and high-speed broadband will see IP traffic almost double every 3 years after next year.

  • One agency in its assessment predicted that global traffic will exceed the Internet’s capacity as soon as present year.


With the huge increase in the internet voice calls and the flow of business worth thousand millions of dollars over the network congestion, ordinary ISP networks or traffic jam will become increasingly usually. It makes the life on the internet more difficult for visitors. Lot of serious online impulse will make the download speeds crawl to a standby and internet will no longer provide the guaranteed quality of security or service required by the current applications.


The process of controlling and measuring the traffic on a network link so that overfilling the link can be avoided is called bandwidth management. It helps to keep the internet connection working smooth and fast. To manage bandwidth, traffic is analyzed, measured and the cause for heavy traffic is identified. Then network traffic control tool is used to schedule bandwidth usage and avoid unwanted traffic .


Due to different aspects, the communication links will not reach optimum capacity. The link utilization should be below the optimum theoretical capacity of the link so that swift responsiveness can be ensured by eliminating bottleneck queues at the link endpoints. Issues that restriction the performance of a link are, the capacity of a connection is determined by TCP through flooding until packets are dropped, higher latency is created due to queueing in routers, with the network reaching its capacity, TCP global synchronization results in waste of bandwidth, bursty traffic requires spare bandwidth, no proper support for explicit congestion notification, queue management is controlled by Internet Service Provider.


Today AVANU’s WebMux Network Traffic Manager is most productive enterprise-class application delivery network load balancing solution in market. They also have announced a new generation of WebMux Network Traffic Manager models. The new WebMux network hardware appliances now meet a present highest possible security level of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

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