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Green wall India

About us:

Welcome, we are Green wall India. We are the oldest and the most reliable provider of the living wall services in Delhi NCR. We are experts in providing various services like Vertical Herb Gardens, Indoor Living Wall Planter, Green Plant Nursery and Green Wall in Delhi NCR. We have an experienced team providing its services in the area of Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


·       History:-

We have a growing and prosperous past of over 65 years in the area of the green plant nursery in Delhi; we are the oldest in this field and among the top nursery of Delhi. We were the first to introduce Indoor living wall planter/vertical herb gardens in the area in 2011. We have made a continuous progress for past 6 decades and we aim to take it further to even centuries.

·       Ambition:-

Our main ambition is to provide our customers the best for what they paid for. We use best quality materials to cater you with the best which is available. We hire our employees only after professional training in the area of vertical garden which ultimately helps to cater the customers with highest quality services.

·        Principles:-

We work on the primary principle of providing our clients with full satisfaction because they are the one who will help us grow in the market. We provide the best quality of work at very reasonable prices and in a very short span of time. We have done work with many public and private organizations and got a great response from their side.


Our services:

We cater our customers with different kinds of services such as:-


1.     Green wall/Vertical gardens: It is the new and advanced method to make your house look attractive and beautiful. They are the plants or the garden which is grown vertically on the walls of the home or office area. These come up by various distinguished names such as the green wall, living wall, vertical wall, live garden, etc.


There are available in two types:-

·        Indoor vertical gardens:  These include the garden which is set up on the walls of the interior area of any house or the building. These gardens come are available in many different types of herbs. They are space efficient as well and requires very less or no space. 

·        Exterior vertical gardens: These include the garden which is set up on the outer walls of the building or the office area. They showcase the beauty and also help to the building guarded against extreme temperatures, rain, and even harmful UV rays. It also helps keep the cool temperature inside the area.

Some benefits of green wall are:-

·        It is great for small areas as it requires less or no space to install.

·        It promotes healthier living by removing harmful air pollutants.

·        It helps you to make a personal vertical herb garden in your house.

·        It also adds up and increases the Beauty of Your Home.

·        Installing a vertical garden will increase the value of the property for sure.



2.     Terrace gardens: Our work is not limited to just vertical gardens; we also cater our customers by installing terrace gardens on the roof of the buildings or the houses.  This is a very new and creative concept.

We make the transforms the roof of the building into a living garden which makes it look wonderful and also helps to maintain the cool temperature in the building premises. We use high-quality techniques and staff which helps it looks wonderful and last long.


3.     Greeen Plant  Nursery: As we said, we are among the top nursery in the region of Delhi NCR. We work in more than 100 exotic variety of indoor plants, some of them are:-

·        Shrubs

·        Bonsai

·        Groundcover

·        Tall trees

·        Topiaries plants

·        Rare palm varieties

·        Climbers

·        Fruit plants

·        Winter seasonal flowering plants

·        Summer seasonal flowering plants

·        Winter seasonal English vegetable plants

·        Winter & Summer rooted cutting and seedlings