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Gas fires have long won favour in British homes, for more reasons than one. Electric fires may have advanced considerably in recent years, but modern gas fires offer a combination of visual appeal, genuine warmth and affordability that is difficult to beat.



It should be no great surprise, then, that Quality Gas Fire Servicing, installation and repairs are all central to our offering here at Chelmsford Gas Services.



We know that as a homeowner in Chelmsford or any of the surrounding areas, you will want to be able to place your trust in highly qualified gas engineers with the most impeccable expertise and experience in domestic and commercial gas installations.



You would struggle to find a more comprehensive installation service



If you are looking to have a new Gas Fire Installation Chelmsford at your property, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process to try to work out all of the options and determine which one is right for you.



That’s why it makes so much sense to approach a company like Chelmsford Gas Services that can complete a full survey for you, followed by all of the assistance you require to choose the DFE (decorative flame effect) or LFE (living flame effect) fire that best matches your requirements.



A survey undertaken by us can be instrumental in enabling you to choose the most appropriate fire for your needs, and we would certainly prefer you to contact us before you buy a new fire. However, if you have already purchased a fire, we would be happy to check that it is compatible and install it for you.



But we offer great servicing and repairs, too



As mentioned above, quality gas fire servicing is another key part of what we offer. It involves us undertaking a full check of your appliance, potentially taking it apart to inspect it.



Your appliance’s physical condition, installation pipe work, air vents and flues will all be assessed by us, as part of the regular service that is required if your gas fire is to remain truly efficient, high-performing and safe to use.



With our team also able to repair most types of gas fire, including such makes as Flavel, Valor, Paragon, Focal and more, when you require the highest quality gas fire servicing, installation or repair work, there really is little need for you to look to any other company.



Contact Chelmsford Gas Services today to book your gas fire service, survey or repair.



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