We Have A Vast Range Of Warehouse And Handling Equipment For Every Possible Need


The items in our impressive selection of warehouse and handling equipment may be easily overlooked in some cases, but all of them can play an invaluable role in the efficiency of British companies’ operations, such that it can be difficult for us to know where to start in discussing them.



It may therefore be best this time to begin with our aluminium ramps that can be so instrumental in ensuring straightforward and efficient access to vehicles being loaded and unloaded. You may purchase our walk-on two-stage ramps for this purpose, or instead our heavy duty vehicle ramps that can be a wise investment for the loading of both cars and small vans for transportation.



Or what about our Dolly Trucks, which are used for various applications and are available in an assortment of platform sizes to suit? Not only are they rubber topped for low slip, but they also have a pre-cut carry handle and nylon castor wheels to prevent the floor being marked. They could be just the thing for moving heavy Removal Boxes and plastic crates in a manner that minimises lifting and carrying.



Most warehouse and delivery operations also benefit from the use of a sack truck for manoeuvring smaller boxes, crates or cases that are too heavy to carry. We offer the robust Alutruk, a lightweight yet super-strong aluminium frame makes this sack truck easy to handle. The use precision-engineered components mean there is no possibility of weld or stress cracks on the heavy-duty 300Kg capacity frame. Foam filled tyres also give a cushioned ride without the risk of punctures being received as can often happen with air filled alternatives.



Speaking of trucks, we’re also very proud of our hand pallet trucks that combine strength and robustness with speed and ease of use. You can opt for either the standard or a bespoke size, but even if you choose the former, the lifting capacity is a very impressive 2500kg.



Naturally, it isn’t only trucks that will enable your employees to get more done in the warehouse environment. You may be interested in such transport-related products in our stock as analogue tachograph charts or tachograph paper wallets in which to store them. Or what about silica gel sachets, which help to prevent corrosion damage to delicate or valuable items during transportation over long distances?



With such other warehouse essentials in our range right now as packing room furniture, knives, safety cutters, bulk packed toilet tissues and industrial hand cleaners, we don’t think you will need to consider any other UK source of such all-important items.



Remember that Simpson Packaging does, after all, consist of a wider group of companies also stocking the likes of cartons, paper furniture covers, display systems, Padlocks and so much more. So if you buy from us once, there’s a strong chance that you will do so again… and again… and again.