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Keeping up with technical SEO


Trying to keep pace with all the changes and new developments in technical SEO?


Remember the phrase “peak oil” that disagreed about by pessimists just a few short years ago? The sentiment that the world was about to imminently run out of oil and that would become the end of cars, planes and trains and everything else that runs on petroleum?

“Peak oil” today sounds about as bizarre as a similarly misguided forerunner made around the same time: namely, the approaching “death of SEO.”

Not dead yet! All specialists of SEOs know that the opposite is true. SEO services keeps getting more complicated, more sophisticated, more advanced – and finally, harder and harder to keep up with it.

If you’re trying to keep up to speed with the contemporary SEO landscape, or if you’re looking to expand your skills with more subtle tactics and techniques, you should attend the Hardcore Technical SEO Tactics & Techniques workshop at SMX West.


 It is taught by well-known and respected SEO expert Eric Enge, the full-day workshop works the best to learn and examine of the best techniques and methods that help you to take your SEO efforts to succeed in the market.

If you want to gather more on what to expect from the workshop? Go through Five questions for 2016 Search Personality of the Year Eric Edge. He maps out the topics and tactics he’ll be discussing; describing the technique.

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