What Could Possibly Go Wrong With That ‘hotshot’ Employee?


What Could Possibly Go Wrong With That ‘hotshot’ Employee?



It’s an experience that you may have had more than once with Recruitment Firms – being presented with a seemingly amazing candidate who has a track record in your sector, and who seems to be able to explain what your business needs for success and what they will do to bring you that success.



Sure, they might not come from a cultural environment much like that of your own company, or have worked for a company at your firm’s stage of development. But there might be enough signs that you have a real hotshot on your hands, so you go for said talent, agree on the details and then watch your new employee land into their job with great fanfare.



But what happens after all of the initial excitement? If your firm’s experience is like so many others, you might find that the bold plans you initially drew up together don’t quite materialise within the desired timeframe, or may be ludicrously expensive to implement. Maybe the ‘hotshot’ employee is hassling you for more resources or funding that you never agreed to in the original plan, or there’s a suddenly a lot of conflict in the team that wasn’t there before.



Don’t Hire A Hotshot Who Will Scorch Your Environment



Here are a few clues as to what might be going wrong. It’s common for hotshots faltering at a new company to talk about “how things were done at my old company”, as if their former employer was so much better, but they might be underestimating how fortunate they were to have been in the right place at the right time. They might have promoted themselves as winners compared to their new colleagues, only to experience a shock to the system when things start going wrong.



Many hotshots simply don’t realise how crucial it is to become fully part of their new organisation. Rather than adopting an unmodified version of what worked at their last employer, hotshots need to recognise the importance of learning their new colleagues’ strengths and styles, so that productive relationships can be enjoyed and harmonious collaboration achieved.



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It’s only natural as a human being to get excited about a hot prospect, at the potential expense of a clear-sighted appreciation of exactly how they will work with your company and staff. Nonetheless, rather than ‘hotshots’ looking out for themselves, you might instead be best-advised to look out for the ‘shining stars’ who will also light the way for others.



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