What Do You Need To Think About When Choosing A Private Events Venue In Berkshire?


What Do You Need To Think About When Choosing A Private Events Venue In Berkshire?



If you are planning to hold a private event such as a charity fundraising dinner, birthday party or baby shower, it’s understandable that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task of choosing a venue. Maybe you should just go with whatever venue that close relative or family friend recommends, or whatever place attracts the best reviews online?



While the above are certainly ways to choose a Private Events Venue In Berkshire, we would suggest that you take a more methodical approach by considering the following aspects.






The right location matters in so many ways. Yes, Berkshire may be a green and pleasant county, but some parts of it may make more sense than others for your private event. It might be especially important to you that your venue is in a peaceful and tranquil setting, for example, as is certainly the case with Regency Park Hotel in its convenient location between Newbury and Thatcham.



The Event Spaces Available



The event space or suite that you choose is a central factor in your event’s success. You will obviously want it to be big enough to accommodate all of your guests. However, you’ll also need to think about the style of space or suite that will project the best possible image of your business, as well as what facilities it should incorporate. A bar area, for instance, may be especially appreciated by your attendees!



How Convenient Is It For Your Guests?



Obviously, location is a big consideration here – Regency Park Hotel is just 10 minutes’ away from the M4 and A339, and we would certainly hope that you choose a private events venue in Berkshire that makes it easy for your guests to get there and back. Our venue also has strong rail links into Newbury and Paddington, and as we are a hotel, we can even often accommodate guests who wish to stay overnight.






Price can obviously never be completely ignored in any consideration of the right private events venue in Berkshire. However, we would urge you to place the emphasis very much on the value that you gain from the all-round package the venue represents, instead of simply going for whatever venue offers the lowest bottom-line price.



Do you wish to have true peace of mind when you choose a private events venue in Berkshire? If so, we would seriously suggest that you consider us here at Regency Park Hotel. We take pride in covering all of the bases and more when it comes to special events, and our friendly and professional team is always on standby to accommodate even the most exacting requirements.