What’s The Difference Between Swimming Pool Clarifier And Algaecide?


What’s The Difference Between Swimming Pool Clarifier And Algaecide?



With so many chemicals for use in pools offered by stores like ours here at Pool Warehouse, it can be helpful to swot up on the various types of products out there and the different purposes they serve.



Swimming pool Clarifier and algaecide are often grouped together, but exist for two very different reasons.



What Are algaecide?



It is important to appreciate that swimming pool algaecide do not actually kill algae – this is instead the job of shock chlorine, which we also stock here at Pool Warehouse.



However, algaecide can still play an instrumental role in preventing algae growing again in your pool once it has been cleared. It comes in two forms – copper-based algaecide or a “quat” or “polyquat” algaecide. The former, as its name suggests, uses copper for the treatment and prevention of algae growth, but is also known to stain the surface of swimming pools.



Quat” or “polyquat” algaecide are safer to use than copper-based algaecide given that they do not cause staining, but quats can cause foaming if they are not used properly.



Clarifier Could Be The Key To A Gorgeously Clear Pool



Their name may seem self-explanatory to some of us, but it’s worth re-emphasising it anyway: swimming pool Clarifier exist to bring clarity to cloudy or dull pool water conditions.



Cloudy pool water often occurs due to fine debris suspended in the swimming pool water that is too small to be removed by the pool’s filter. This fine debris often passes straight through the filter without being collected. Sand filters are especially notorious for their inefficient filtering that may increase the need for swimming pool Clarifier.



Clarifier work by grouping together these fine debris particles into larger bunches that can then be picked up by the filter. However, Clarifier are often incompatible with swimming pools that have a D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter.



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