Which Strapping Products And Tools Could Be Invaluable To Your Business?


Strapping is a category of packaging products that can be easily overlooked by some organisations, yet plays such an essential role in efficient warehouse operations. As you may expect given our longstanding reputation among customers in the furniture, self storage and Removal Boxes industries, Simpson Packaging can offer a range of strapping products and tools that is practically unrivalled.



Some of our most popular strapping products include polypropylene hand strapping that is versatile, light and flexible, coming in an assortment of widths, breaking strengths and colours to suit your preferences and desired application. Extruded polyester strapping is also in stock here at Simpson Packaging, providing twice the strength of polypropylene strapping and with the option for it to be custom printed to your specifications.



Steel strapping is another option for which we are renowned here at Simpson Packaging, offering the extremely high break strains that are so vital for securing heavy loads. Five widths of such strapping are available – 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm – and you can pick from various coil sizes as well. Our steel strapping is coated in black paint as standard for corrosion resistance, while if you intend to use your strapping outdoors, you will be pleased to know that zinc coated steel strapping is also available, which means you won’t need to worry about rust.



But it isn’t just the strapping itself that makes Simpson Packaging such a go-to source for a very wide range of businesses that require it, as we can also be depended on to provide various relevant tools. You may wish to find out more about our comprehensive range of ergonomically designed, robust and lightweight glue guns, for instance, or our precision made and easy-to-use staplers. A comprehensive selection of other tools can be bought from us at any one time, including the likes of mobile and static strapping dispensers, budget strapping sealers, tensioners and combination strapping tools.



When you also consider the strapping accessories that we offer such as plastic and cardboard edge protectors to prevent damage being caused to the strapped item, as well as related items like rubber elasticated bands, scissors, twine and rope, it should become clear to you that Simpson Packaging offers pretty much anything and everything as far as strapping is concerned.



Indeed, with our broader product range also including such options as modular cartons, adhesive tapes, plastic storage crates and even Padlocks, Simpson Packaging has a fair claim to stocking almost any and every conceivable type of packaging that a business could need. So why place your trust in any other supplier?