Why Covrex Should Be Your Choice For A Slatted Pool Cover


Why Covrex Should Be Your Choice For A Slatted Pool Cover



We’re naturally delighted here at Pool Warehouse to be able to provide the huge and varied range of Swimming Pool Covers that we do, and we remain committed to sourcing the very best pool covers on the market, covering all manner of categories. Certainly, when it comes to slatted pool covers, we think there’s only one option you should go for: Covrex.



A Short History Of Covrex Pool Covers



Covrex Pool Protection, to provide the brand’s full name, is part of the Belgian-based family business LPW Corporate, which has been active in the swimming pool industry since 1960, and has manufactured foam-filled pool covers since the 1990s.



The company was moved to diversify in this way due to its on-site technicians’ dissatisfaction with the third-party hollow slat pool covers that were then on the market. These covers seemed vulnerable to damage caused by all kinds of factors like excess algae growth, displaced end-caps and hail, and the company’s engineers understandably began to suspect that they could do better.



Sure enough, the Covrex pool cover was developed and produced, in the process helping to redefine what premium swimming pool covers could be. These covers were incredibly convenient, durable and efficient, while the defining Covrex system of patented foam-filled slats with flexible connection design also won plaudits around the world.



Slatted Swimming Pool Covers That Continue To Set The Standard



Since those days, Covrex has seen considerable international growth, and its swimming pool covers are as distinctive and renowned as they ever were. Features like the slats that resist all of the elements and the unique connection system that enables the slats to roll up on the reel system to a very small diameter have helped to keep Covrex in a market-leading position.



You’ve also got a lot of options when you come to purchase Covrex products here at Pool Warehouse, whether you need a complete system including an electric reel, or instead just replacement slats of a certain colour and size.



With a five year warranty also provided on the cover’s slats – and three years on all other components – there really couldn’t be a better time to consider investing in these remarkable swimming pool covers, not least given the competitive price at which we can also offer them here at Pool Warehouse.